Keep the heart from the early Qing Ling, such as to have a clear conscience

They often linger in the boundless universe such as the network world to browse read those literary people or hand pen into the heart of "authentic calligraphy". Perhaps because of laziness, I think it is better to read and read this way than to look at the economics of paper books. Start the computer, open the browser, as he walked into a boundless world class library: famous writer, astronomy and geography, the history at all times and in all countries, a subset of the humanities and history, interesting anecdotes and so on, and the Everything is contained therein., Nothing needed is lacking. one hundred thousand points, with emotion when the modern science and technology developed, the network is wonderful and rapidly. The majority of the heart, for me this just a pawn to open and provide a convenient and affordable so lightly.

I will who spread so far, popular in the Internet, or the text have both ability and political integrity is called "authentic calligraphy" is because I racked in more than it could not find a more appropriate word to describe their work better. In my eyes, it is natural from the writer's heart flowed under a very deep spring clean, is blooming in our spiritual world of flowers of the soul, where every, every word, every sentence with their extremely careful and responsible attitude. There, they spent much time and energy for the spirit, which they Baozhan much wisdom and soul light, how much of the social responsibility of the cultural contributions, so I am sweating and getting up in awe.

I will those great works, those people who are like look up to as the standard, recommended the beautiful words called "authentic calligraphy", but also because it is in such words you never see or find a little star signs of plagiarism. Guide Bo card or using or self-contained text, like humor, like humor, or flat, or in person, whether it is mountain or water, vividly that he / she beats the pulse of life, together with his / her years to trace and cultural practice and text deep skill. In such serious words, every punctuation each symbol is so carefully applied to that I was just perfect, is not possible, since I think "can not be Lex playing" a masterpiece, which are not known by the mass, and the author unknown to the public the writers of the works, it is like "clearly visible if the sun and the moon, such as from the stars", so I sincerely admire and grow deep thanks to the Supreme example.

Today, with them, I never seek a fortune, not to mention what speech in-depth exchanges or communication, whether it is late or still is World Health gentlemen, predecessors, even still hidden toil in the vast sea, and little-known writers, their works, their the text was that I appreciate, make me drunk, but also because it is to show in front of me, shining in between the lines if there is a shadow of intangible charisma.

What is the personality, what kind of personality was worthy of such charm?

And examples that the ancient or overseas literature we have, also not to mention the literati China contemporary artists, I only present the "grassroots" as an example -- Yu Xiuhua, a "staggering" in the way of "staggered" life of the disabled writer. Fan Suyu, a "fate of bookbinding poor life" writers, given the years of suffering, such as by the leisurely of humor, indomitable spirit, the tenacity of life fragments written. They only had a hand in charge of their own, a hand to others sincerely, one for the ordinary world and work attitude, we offer a full heart, it is valuable to Vanse

Generally read "I am a fan Suyu", who has not been shaken by her ordinary and simple thoughts? Yu Xiuhua experienced the ups and downs of the psychological process, to read from her literary works, who is not impressed by its dazzling charm? They are sincere, so sincere that they never thought of "blockbuster", never thought this seriously will have such "some day in the future". The root of the problem lies in their pursuit of a philosophy of life with an ordinary heart.

Chinese text, since the date of her birth is not vulgar or bad, today, has some "foul gas channeling in them, only because of this beautiful text falls in some dirty hands, they abuse the wanton invasion.

Deceitful, go head truncation, mechanically, like plagiarism or copying, put all sorts of things together, and what is more, just skim the original author's name or name, as their own for a zhaodanquanshou". Is it for profit or ulterior motives? This really Mr. Ou Yangxiu said: "I do not know shame, do everything"! If the stars face Hao network in the world, I can not back to probe how, but as you can see, this is tantamount to the damage of unscrupulous behavior usurpations is not only for the road, the loss of a person's basic character, the move is deeply hurt and shame in the hard way of literature work with each of the authors and writers of the dignity, is on the current network literature can go in indifference and healthy development on the state of blasphemy.

When Yi