Time and long, everything is in time

Some people say that life is a practice, but also some people say that life is a journey. And I think, life is a pursuit, but also a realization.

Dull days, quiet, simple, no ups and downs, no waves. There is only one kind of peace, one kind of repetition, one kind of silence. No matter how time goes by, no matter how the season changes, as usual, it is not too late to live safely in one's life, to be busy with one's work, and to stick to what one likes to do.

Dream is like the stars in the sky, you may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to find the right direction. Never lie to those who trust you. Never lie to those who lie to you. Sometimes, disappointed to a certain extent, but will open a flower, the name of that flower, does not matter.

Life is the most beautiful, is you stop living, but also to have created all serve for the people. You are waiting, you are suffering, and you are silent. Are you waiting for a fruitful, you are waiting for a new round of spring, you never had an irresistible force. This quiet day is a bit long, a little stuffy, but I'll wait. I believe in people's youth more than once, sometimes, time will give you extra surprise.

Has been that this world's fair, is the time. If someone steals you, you can't keep it. You own it, but you can't change it. Along the way, you stay in the hard time or happiness, will be taken away with the passage of time, in which you and I, whether young or old, can do, only the full use and enjoy it.

Want to live each day, it is better to let enrich today. After all, the seemingly long years are made up of countless "today". Time is a kind of reincarnation, life is kind of experience. I keep reminding myself that I don't need much of life. Many times, we unconsciously deliberately life, barely living, in order to meet a heart from the depths of vanity. Walking on their own road, the eyes are other people's scenery on the road. Until one day, later people embrace colorful flowers, through their own side, only to find envy, all the way in a hurry, just looking at the top of his mountain, but ignored his road flowers everywhere.

May, now you are experiencing some bitterness, came to a road of trials and hardships, but try to grope in the dark, waiting for the wrong man. Of course, as long as there is a belief in your heart, to believe that the cold end times, the sun will rise. When you are sad and disappointed, you may not be able to change the situation for the time being, but you can choose your attitude. Or is negative, or smile bluntly. Pedestrians on the same road, some people cry, but also some people laugh, and finally will reach different shores, it depends on what kind of choice you choose.

Everyone is an independent individual, looking forward to go a different way of life, harvest different colors of life. If life can come again, but also is a long and wearisome pathes, the scenery along the way, there is still a way of feeling, Kurong; still like rain. Whether you choose which way is, the moon, and blend, are essential fireworks. Some roads, if you don't keep going, you'll never know how beautiful it really is.

The sky is always blue, the sun doesn't always shine, life, nothing to lose, but carelessly squandered. In the world, the only thing you can't cheat is your own heart. It always reveals your joys and sorrows when you least watch out. Too many things to expect, but it is repeatedly unsatisfactory. Those unintentional arbitrary and things, but more likely to bring unexpected surprises. Life is like a changing season. Every season has different colors. Come and go, change constantly. While we are creating our own life, we should fully enjoy this life.

Good, stay in the heart of regret, gone with the wind. Although there are so many dreams can not be achieved, although there are so many frustrations buried in the heart. But what about that? I am in the deep sea ice, hope to find the gap, but in the wake of, catch a glimpse of beautiful sunshine.

Perhaps, life is more like a movie, the pain is a beginning, is a process of struggle, death is an ending. Even if there are some regrets, I believe that there will still be a perfect corner. Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to. Live in the present, time and long, and everything is in time.