Let the years change, my heart is not surprised

Life can be complicated or simple. What kind of mentality do we have?. Simple is true, plain is easy. No hypocrisy, no mask; not unassuming, willing to be indifferent. Glory or disgrace, all good, bad, but the filling of the vicissitudes of time, and in the end, are the past.

Believe life is not meaningless experience. God gives us difficulties, let us see through people's minds; for we fail, is to teach us how to better success; give us lonely, let us learn to cautiousness and reflection. Lost here, he got, some people make you cry, and some people will make you laugh, this is god treat everyone fair.

On the road of life is not each round the sun are warm, not all clouds of rain. Some things, want to open a natural smile, see through, definitely put down. Renzailvtu, heart wide, is as boundless as the sea and sky.

With good, can benefit people; be thankful and can be selfish. Learn to change positions, life is harmonious; know Thanksgiving, the years are warm. Alive, is a spiritual practice, and real practice, not in a speech on the mouth, and in a good heart. The light of life, is a tolerance of the heart; the good years, is a love you.

The most beautiful scenery in the world, is that you have a good heart, exudes charm and beautiful field, go to where, where it shines, where warm.

Life, there are many goukan across; years, there are always many regrets in life, need to make up; there is always a lot of confusion need to understand. The good belongs to the self-confident, the opportunity belongs to the pioneer, the miracle belongs to the persistent person! If you don't want to do it, you'll always find an excuse; if you do, you'll find a way. To give up is not necessarily win, defeat, and gorgeous, as elegant turn, give yourself a circuitous space. Learn to think, learn to wait, learn to adjust. Most of the time, compared to the persistent, we need to be clear with a smile.


Has always felt that life is like the seeds. Every effort you put into it will come back to you in the future. And all you have to do is try harder every day. On the road, others do not have to envy; do not have their own, do not envy. Believe, as long as the effort, time will give you.


No pain, no gain; no pain, where life was successful; plain water, put a little salt it is salty, a little sugar is sweet, want to tune into what taste, all on their own!


There is no fast track to success, and no highway to happiness, work a harvest, all success comes from tireless effort and pursuit, and all happiness comes from daily struggle and perseverance.


Insisted not to touch who is not, who prove to. But running all the way is better than keeping track of it! Adhere to, not heart, but a kind of action, is simple things, repeat, do repeated things, seriously, do serious things, and strive to do. Bit by bit accumulation, you will find that the success of the road is not crowded, because there are not many people insist.


Life is like floating in the water on the surface of the duck, calm, in fact, underwater in hard water. If you want to live a good life, you must work like hell. Elegance needs strength, and strength needs strength.


People in this life, there are always people who envy you, some people hate you; there are always people who envy you, some people look down on you. That's all right. Life is like this. Everything you do doesn't satisfy everyone. You don't have to lose your nature to please others. The same eyes, not the same view; the same ears, not the same as listening method; the same mouth, not the same argument; like the heart, not the same idea; the same money, spending is not the same; as people, not the same way. In other people's mouth, you are not your true self. You don't have to tell everyone how hard each day is. Most people see you flying high and few people care if you're tired or tired.


When a road determined to go, do not look around, the scenery is more beautiful don't linger. In the windy days to rain when the wind dance, to learn for themselves an umbrella. Happiness is, even if tired, but also laugh to live out of their own, and strive to run. Let the years change, my heart is not surprised, with the flow of time, my heart as before.