Not dangerous time, not their own negative

Life is like a debit card, you are not born from, when the name, your life will have a debit card without delay the start of its business.

Stored in life debit card number, it is your life all the time. Every day you've lived since then has been a debit to this debit card. Though you are the master of it, you do not know how much it is. Fortunately, I do not know, we will spend the amount of cards, while carefree life. Mengran forward, spending a limited time in our lives, thousands of the world phase of chaos, waiting for this card to zero.

Often, there are a lot of things can not be fulfilled, we will appease their The coming days would be long. there's time. So, the next day, began not to persist from the sky to earth. In many cases, people are blind. The more you cannot reach, the more you look up; the more you can't get it, the more you will read it. But I do not know the vast world, everywhere can be full of flowers, why should a road to black?. Don't you believe in yourself, it's worth walking through more beautiful mountains and rivers and getting different scenery?

Life is a piece of the network when you are arranged in a crisscross pattern, to the end, do not forget to turn back. Life not only need to walk the line, sometimes to a braking, sharp turns, is not necessarily a better choice. To those who seek not, and can't give the conversion into a decadent, irresolute and hesitant, do not tangle of optimism, for the road, maybe day wide wide. Don't forget the heart, the party must always; but not their own time, negative.

World of mortals, we are dust like walk, there are always some people we keep looking in the eyes, holding us back. So, we have stopped, have been emotional, but do not want to have a lot of life meet, but only a gust of wind. You feel it pass by, but you can't keep it from it. Even if you sing softly in your ear, it is only a beautiful mistake.

There is such a person in this world, you don't take him seriously, he take you seriously; you do take him seriously, he felt as if you'd like to catch on. There are always some people who can not afford to be sincere.

Has always been sincere, is the responsibility is to build bridges with long love. Otherwise, no one is necessary to take a warm pawn into cheap waiting. Do not mistake other people's friendliness and friendliness into your superior. It is just the quality of others. After all, in this world, no one is who, if there is, icing on the cake; if not, also comfortable chic. If you understand me, go hand in hand; if you don't understand, go ahead.

People in this life, limited life is divided into many stages to consumption. No matter which station of your life you pass, you should stop for the scenery that is worth staying. Your spending will always change what you have, not what you spend in vain. Get up, put it down, in a clean manner, make a decisive choice, decided to move on to the next journey.

Many times, you think, will heavy long plan is difficult, is wasted, but do not want to, when you focus on something far fetched things, long hesitation, when hobbling around, is also a kind of cost. Because you paid your time and overdrawn your debit card. And this part of your overdraft itself is a free loss.

Don't waste feelings on someone who is not worthy, don't spend time on meaningless things. Most of the time, do you think of the stick, only his own. You spend your most precious things cheaply, but you don't know if it's worth a more valuable exchange.

Time will tell you the beginning of all things, road to Jane, to complex evolution.

Only rational consumption, give and take, life will be full of more effective. Until one day, when the debit card in the hand was about to be cleared, we would look back and inquire about every consumption we had made along the way, and we would be able to smile with pleasure. Think every expenditure had are worth it, have no regrets, don't feel regret, this life, even to complete.